21st Annual Cool House Tour

I am pleased to show one of my projects on this year’s Cool House Tour. Please stop by 13000 Trails End on Sunday, June 11 from 10 am to 6 pm to have a look and say hi. More information can be found coolhousetour.com.

This home is designed for casual family living. Spaces are open, and connected to the outdoors. Simple, durable materials are used to articulate and enrich the design. The home design also employs and integrates passive and active solar design strategies. The roof provides protective cover for the home (shade), is a massive rainwater collecting device, and allows for conversion of solar energy via a (future) PV array. Likewise, the back porch, in addition to being the primary outdoor living space for the family, is a device used to mitigate solar heat gain on that portion of the home.

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