Crib Coach – Park Forest

I recently launched my Crib Coach services as a recognition – and articulation – of the services that I have provided to my clients over the years. Interestingly, while my projects pages show some very nice projects, the majority of my work is on a much smaller scale with much smaller budgets.

This weekend, you will be able to see one such project of mine – 1602 Forest Hill Dr. It has been selected for the 1st ever Smarter Spaces Home Tour on April 14. This is the home of Thoughtcrib and has been a work in phases over the past 8-1/2 years. You can see progress in the above photos – the day it was purchased and one day in spring 2 years ago. More updates have been made since then, and – what the heck – I started another phase of remodel 3 weeks ago since I have a hard deadline for completion. The finishing touches are being put in place as I write this.

For more information on the tour, visit the Smarter Spaces website – where you can also purchase your tickets. For a $5 discount on your ticket, enter promo code THOUGHTCRIB. You can also volunteer for the tour and receive a ticket. Have a great weekend.


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