E.A.S.T. – East Austin Studio Tour

This weekend you can peruse the studios and artwork of Eastside artists during the annual East Austin Studio Tour. Studio spaces will be open this (and next) weekend from 11:00 – 6:00. More info at http://eastaustinstudiotour.com/.

I will be taking my son who, miraculously, is very patient and well-behaved during such exhibitions. Perhaps he is well-behaved because the art engages and allows him to express his curiosity/creativity – unlike a grocery store, a restaurant, etc. Personally, I find his engagement the most interesting thing on display, no disrespect to the artists. I also love the smell of the an artist’s studio (or an architecture studio) as it is, in my experience, universal. And possibly carcinogenic. But I digress…

Have a great weekend – the weather is perfect!
Hope to see you there.

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