The Playscape Project


This past weekend, Breed & Co. along with Tribeza, presented the Playscape Project featuring the work of Burton Baldridge Architects, Pollen Architecture and Thoughtbarn (not to be confused with Thoughtcrib). Each firm designed and built their own playscape suitable for smaller backyards. The playscapes were auctioned off and kits for the playscape will continue to be sold at both  Breed & Co. locations for the remainder of the year. Proceeds will benefit the Friends of Lost Pines State Parks for repair and improvements of the playground at Bastrop State Park.

All three of the playscapes we great. Baldridge’s was a modern interpretation of ubiquitous, usually cedar, playscapes. I was actually able to climb on this one – I loved the ‘hidden’ doors, the smell of cedar and large cantilevers for swings & slides. Pollen’s was very original – clever assemblage of PVC pipes and bungy cords. I was unable to personally test it as I feared I would have exceeded the limits of the bungy cords (and my own body). Thoughtbarn’s was a great take on a few of my childhood favorites – building blocks and monkey bars. It also looked like a giant beehive/igloo.

The most important critics – the children – showed their appreciation by enthusiastically playing on each of the units. 

Pollen Architecture, Playscape


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